oberhasliThe Oberhasli is a Swiss dairy goat.

This breed is a medium size, vigorous and alert in appearance.  Its’ colour is chamoisee.

Does may be black but chamoisee is preferred.  Chamoisee is described as: Bay – ranging from light to a deep red bay with the latter most desirable.

Markings are to be: two black stripes from the base of each ear coming to a point just back of the poll and continuing along the neck and back as a dorsal stripe to the tail; a black lower chest with a mantle of black along the back.  The face is straight. A Roman nose is faulted.


Breed Standards:

Erect ears.  Colour must be Bay (ie. reddish brown or blood-bay ranging from light to deep red with the latter most desirable) with black markings such as facial stripes, forehead, dorsal stripe, martingale and belly: udder gray or black. (Black does permitted but will be identified with “black” as a suffix to their registered name).

Minimum Height at Withers  and  Minimum Weight

Doe 28″ / 71 cm.  120 lbs. /54.54 kg.

Buck 30″ / 76 cm.  150 lbs. / 68.18 kg.


*Pendulous ears

*Black Bucks

*Large white spot in hair (more than 1 1/2″ in any direction)

*Any colour other than bay in bucks

*Any colour other than bay or black in does