DNA Parent Verification and G6-S Testing Now Available

In partnership with the Canadian Goat Society and the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation (CLRC), Maxxam Analytics now offers both DNA Parent Verification and G6-S testing as part of your herd breed improvement programs.
DNA Testing
DNA testing is an integral component of livestock breeding and animal registration programs.  Highly accurate DNA tests are used to confirm the parents in the pedigree, test for genetic abnormalities, fast-track genetic progress, and are essential if estimated breeding values are to be used for selection.  DNA testing adds value to animal and semen sales through accurate pedigree confirmation and genetic abnormality status.
G6-S Testing
G6-S is a genetic defect found in the Nubian breed of goat and their crosses. Symptoms may include neurological defects and failure to grow or thrive. The gene is recessive, so healthy goats may be carriers. If two carriers are bred, their offspring have a 25% chance of being affected. For this reason, it is important to know if breeding stock are carriers of the gene mutation so two carriers are not bred.
Animals should be tested prior to breeding to provide genetic information for breeding decisions and avoid the risk of G6-S affected goats.  As G6-S is a genetic defect, goats can be tested at any stage of life, from birth to old age.
Cost of testing:
$50/test + taxes for DNA Parent Verification
$37/test + taxes  for G6-S
Hair follicles are the preferred sample type.  The test can also be completed on other sample types, such as blood collected in an EDTA tube and semen samples.
Instructions to order a DNA test application:
  • Go to the CLRC website at www.clrc.ca
  •  Under On-Line Services, click on DNA & SNP Tests
  • You now have two options:

1.   You may submit a request for a DNA Kit electronically

      • Fill out the form to give the details of the animal to be tested (For G6-S select “Other” and enter “G6-S”)
      • Submit the form through the website
      • Wait for your DNA kit from CLRC
      • Follow the instructions provided for collecting a DNA sample
      • Mail the DNA Form with the hair sample to Maxxam Analytics at the address provided on the form

2.   You may submit the DNA sample directly to CLRC

      •  Download the form and complete it
      • Follow the instructions for collecting the DNA hair sample
      • Mail the form and hair sample (in a sealed envelope) with the fee to CLRC
      • CLRC will forward the hair sample and other required information to Maxxam
  •  Maxxam will test the sample and report results to CLRC, who will communicate results to the customer

For more information on DNA testing, contact CLRC at 1-877-833-7110.