CGS AGM Minutes

To view the minutes from the last Canadian Goat Society Annual General Meeting, please click on the link below.

2016 CGS AGM Minutes

2015 CGS AGM Minutes

2014 CGS AGM Minutes

2013 CGS AGM Minutes

If you are a CGS member and would like a copy of the minutes from past AGM’s, please send an e-mail to to request them.

1. Meeting is called to order by the President
2. Announcement of whether Quorum has been met.
3. Announcement of new Executive Committee, Board of Directors and staff
4. Introduction of members in attendance
5. Additions to and/or approval of the 2016 CGS AGM Agenda
6. Reading of minutes of 2015 CGS AGM and approval of same

  • Members are invited to read the minutes prior to the meeting and provide questions ahead of time if possible.
  • If Quorum has been reached at this year’s AGM, the minutes of meetings in the years that Quorum was not attained will have to be reviewed as well.

7. Business arising from the previous AGM’s minutes
8. Financial Reports for Fiscal Year Ending August 31, 201 – presented by Neil P. Finkleman, Chartered Accountant, independent Auditor
9. Announcement/Appointment of Auditor for current fiscal year and a vote.
10. Announcement and Approval of 2015-2016 Budget
11. Announcement and approval of the 2016 CGS Annual General Meeting Location and time
12. Announcement and approval of CGS delegates to the 2016 CLRC AGM
13. 2016 CGS East and West National Announcements
14. Annual Committees and Activities Reports
15. Report on the progress of the CGS Strategic Plan implemented in 2015
16. Report about Canadian National Goat Federation (CNGF)
18. Unfinished Business
19. New business – Any questions brought forward by the membership to the BOD before the AGM will be answered.
20. Adjournment of the AGM