Here is our listing of CGS Licensed Judges.
If you are interested in becoming a judge, visit our CGS Judging Clinics page for more information.

*Last updated August 2018.

 CGS Dairy Goat Judges
Name Level Phone E-mail City Prov.
Susan Barker Advanced 604-745-0186 susanpbarker@shaw.ca Rosedale BC
Starlene MacGregor Advanced 250-379-2247 sjmacgregor@outlook.com Salmon Arm BC
Arnold Steeves Advanced 506-866-8861 arnsfarm@xplornet.ca Hillsborough NB
Julie Reise Advanced 905-570-7474 jsreise@gmail.com Caledonia ON
Grant Howley Advanced 905-765-2020 Caledonia ON
Ralph Borrelli Advanced 905-693-1480 Georgetown ON
Danny O’Neill Advanced 519-986-2429 dan.yo.7@hotmail.com Markdale ON
Ron Denyes Advanced 613-395-5140 rkdenyes@bell.net Stirling ON
Edward Cavanagh Advanced 613-275-2113 Bakersroad61@aol.com Toledo ON
Lorraine Keeping Advanced 306-982-3785 merrigoldconsulting@gmail.com Christopher Lake SK
Barb Clark Advanced 306-747-3781 Shellbrook SK
Ian Clark Advanced 306-747-3781 Shellbrook SK
Adam Scanlan Senior 403-934-6272 wood_acresfarm@hotmail.com Strathmore AB
John Pfeiler Senior 585-474-5011 jpfeiler@rochester.rr.com Bloomfield NY
Patrick McClean Senior 905 375 5290 Chefpepperpat@gmail.com Campbellcroft ON
Andrew Hansford Senior 519-289-2452 adhansford@gmail.com Melbourne ON
Samuel Clair-Côté Senior 450-793-2826 sclaircote@hotmail.com St Liboire QC
Eugenie Carnegie Full 604-858-6166 flyingbirdfarm@yahoo.com Chilliwack BC
Robert Pacheco Full 613-391-8775 mydairygoats@gmail.com Frankfort ON
Irene Farrow Full 519-856-0466 gfarrow3@cogeco.ca Rockwood ON
Lori Hird Full 613-379-3039 lorihird@gmail.com Tamworth ON
Lindy Schira Full 306-848-1259 lcschira@hotmail.com Weyburn SK
Callum McLeod Apprentice 403-988-0388 callum.kaarsoo.mcleod@gmail.com Canmore AB
Robyn Andersen Apprentice 403-598-7269 robynaht@gmail.com Rimbey AB
Mar Robertson Apprentice 604-856-6849 amaracres@gmail.com Langley BC
Alex Cripps Apprentice 506-433-1970 alex.hazyday@gmail.com Apohaqui NB
Kelsey Morehouse Apprentice 902-751-0461 goatfarm1@gmail.com Millvillage NS
Leslie Welch Apprentice 613-387-2389 firefighter.welch@gmail.com Lynhurst ON
William Alexander Apprentice 905-877-6462 rosegate_farms@yahoo.ca Norval ON
CGS Angora Goat Judges
Joanna Head Advanced 403-845-3515 headwatersbison@gmail.com Rocky Mountain House AB
John Henderson Advanced 403-728-3488 whttreas@outlook.com Red Deer County AB
Judge’s Levels
Apprentice Less than 2 years as a judge OR receives an overall score of between 70-74% at the Judge’s Licensing Conf.
Full 8 Years of judging after earning Apprentice
Senior More than 8 Years of being a Full Judge
Advanced Senior More than 15 Years of being a Full Judge