Judges Licensing Conference

The cost to attend and write a Judge’s test is $150 plus applicable taxes. If you wish to attend a future conference and learn about judging without having to write the test on day three, then this is called an Audit. To audit a JLC the cost is $75 plus applicable taxes.

Judges’ Licensing Conferences are held once every other year. They may also be arranged by a regional group of members who agree to accept financial responsibility for the Conference.

2019 JLC Locations:



Registering and paying licence fees

To register, please download the application form.

Send it in (mail, email) with your fees (cheque or e-transfer) to the office. Remember to fill out the name of your coordinator and the province in which you will be attending the JLC.

Why attend a JLC?

If you are a breeder and find yourself wondering why animals placed a certain way in the show ring, or would like to be able to better judge your animals to make breeding decisions, you are welcome at the JLC! You may participate as an auditor for a reduced fee, or apply to begin earning your judge’s license.

Every advanced judge started somewhere! The experienced judges at the conference will help you learn the basics of dairy goat judging and the conference will reinforce your passion for dairy goats and improve your ability communicate to other breeders and the public about the quality animals in the Canadian herd.

“The JLC conference is an excellent opportunity to learn about dairy goat conformation. It’s a rare opportunity to work with real animals and have in-depth discussions with a panel of experts. If you are a new breeder looking to learn or a long time breeder looking to refine your eye the JLC is the place to be!” –Adam Scanlan, Senior Judge and West JLC Sponsor

Even if you never intend judge at a show, attending a JLC will still benefit you. The JLC allows you to improve your ability to judge the strengths and weaknesses of dairy goats, as well as your public speaking, communication, and critical thinking skills. Don’t forget the quality time you spend with breeders from across Canada discussing goats for a weekend!

Attending a JLC is a small investment that can go a long way in helping you gain confidence and skill in evaluating dairy goats, allowing you to reach your breeding goals sooner and more effectively.

What happens at a JLC?

Typically, the Licensing Conference starts with a Pre-Training day, led by a Senior CGS Judge, to review CGS Show Rules and the Scorecard for Dairy Goats. Applicants are given a written test on this material the second day, and must score at least 75% on each section of the test to continue towards their judging license.

On the second day of the Conference, Senior Judges present live animals to the session participants, who get some practice giving accurate, properly phrased reasons for placing one animal above another.

On the third day, the applicants are asked to place at least six groups of four animals, giving oral reasons for at least four classes. Those who pass this session are granted a license to judge sanctioned shows*. *Some exceptions apply to specific shows. See the JLC Policy and Procedures manual for more information.

Whether candidates are successful or not, they always feel they have gained a great deal from the Licensing Conference. This is a deeply satisfying learning experience for anyone interested in breeding strong, sound, productive goats, as well as for those who show.


If you have any questions about the JLC dates, location, facilities, or similar, please contact the coordinator. If you have any questions about the JLC process and procedures or your judging status, please contact the office.

To learn more about the JLC process, please see the JLC Policy and Procedures manual. If you are interested in hosting an approved JLC, please contact the office.

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