Milk Testing

Glass pitcher of milk standing on grass close upMilk production is the purpose of a dairy goat. CGS offers 4 Official Milk Programs.  Find all the official details in the 2015 Milk Recording Booklet.

One Day Test (*M), which is a program designed to obtain information regarding the production and component qualities based on a one day test. To apply to the program, fill out and submit our 1 Day Milk Recording Program Application.

305 Day Program (*P), which is a group test program where a group of at least 3 CGS member herds in good standing test each other monthly in a round robin fashion – more ‘HOW TO’ details here. To apply, please fill out and submit our 305 Day Milk Recording Program Application.

4+4 Program is a program where a minimum 8 tests are conducted yearly by alternating between supervised/unsupervised.

Dairy Herd Improvement Program is a provincial Milk Testing Service. After informing CGS, you apply to those agencies directly. Members from BC to Ontario can contact Quebec and East is serviced by

Contact the CGS Office at for more information about Milk Testing.