Sanctioned Shows

rule photo Click for your updated Canadian Goat Society Show Rule Book – June 2017


Upon application, CGS sanctions shows which comply with official regulations regarding the use of trained and licensed judges, a health inspection, tattoo and paper check (signed by exhibitor that it was done) of all goats entered.

CGS Show Sanction Application Form 2019

Dairy goats are shown by sex, breed and age. Bucks are shown separately from does. Breeds may be combined to assure sufficient numbers if AOP insurance is purchased at the time of application to give official standing to the winner. Kids under one year of age are often divided into two or more classes depending on their date of birth; older doelings that have not yet freshened (given birth) are shown as “dry yearlings” up to the age of 24 months. Does under the age of 24 months that have freshened are shown as “milking yearlings.” A dairy goat is fully mature at three or four years of age. Angora and pygmy goat shows may also be sanctioned by CGS. Each of these breeds has its own specially licensed judges and a scorecard based on the requirements of the breed. For the Angora, mohair density and fineness of fibre count for half of the animal’s score, while the pygmy is judged for sturdiness and soundness. These breeds do not require that mature does actually be in milk at the time of the show.

Show Pamphlet – “Let’s Go To the Show”