East National Show- June in Brooklin, ON at the Brooklin Fair. More details to come…

West National Show- July in Edmonton, AB at K Days. More details to come…

Terms and Conditions 

All bids for the East and West CGS National Shows must be submitted in writing outlining all the particulars to the CGS Office, no later than September 30th, of the year preceding the show. Applications can be sent for consideration 2 years prior to show date.

The CGS Board of Directors will consider all completely filled National Show bids with the appropriate fees received prior to September 30th at their annual meeting in the fall. If the CGS Office has not received any National Show bids prior to September 30th, National Show Bids will still be considered after that date, provided they are received in the CGS office six (6) months prior to the date of the show.

The successful bid(s) will be announced at the CGS Annual General Meeting. The successful bid is responsible for sanction fees and certificate and rosette costs. A complimentary half page advertisement will be placed in the CGS “Quarterly” magazine in advance of the show. The host organization must provide the advertisement information to the office by March 31st.

The host must submit the photos of the Grand and Reserve Senior Champions and Grand and Reserve Junior Champions. The top three placings in each class must be provided at no charge to CGS. Pictures (j-peg or PDF) and placings MUST be sent to the CGS office within 60 days of the show for publication in an issue of the “Quarterly” following the show.

Criteria for accepting National Show Bids

  • All purebred dairy breeds must be sanctioned (Recorded Grades optional)
  • No A.O.P. (All Other Purebred) classes
  • No Best in Show class
  • Judge must be a fully licensed CGS or ADGA judge (Apprentices may not judge a National Show. Judges with qualifications from comparable organizations will be considered on a case-by-case basis)

Criteria for Classes Offered

    • DAIRY:                Minimum of four (4) milking classes & minimum of two (2) junior classes offered.
    • ANGORA:           Minimum of four (4) fleece classes offered.
    • PYGMY:              Minimum of four (4) age classes offered.

Please provide the following details by answering the following questions in the form or include a separate attachment if more space is needed:

  • Complete description of facilities available for both the exhibitors and animals. (Penning capacity, ring, access to electricity, water, parking, access to the site etc)
  • Nearby accommodations for exhibitors. Is camping allowed on site?
  • Describe entry fees and prize money offered (if applicable).
  • If the event is held at a show, please provide a copy of the show rules. Are there any restrictions for the number of entries an exhibitor can make?
  • Is there any other events or social event held in conjunction with the National Show?
  • How can hosting the National Show promote CGS? Is there any other advantages of holding the National Show at your facilities?
  • How will you promote the National Show? Is there a website or a Facebook page?

Preference will be given to bids that the CGS Board of Directors feels will promote goats and goat related products to the public, and enthusiasm in the industry. Feasibility of attracting entries such as geographical location and time of year will also be considered.

All bids will be considered but not necessarily awarded.

Shows and Fairs that are interested in hosting a CGS National Show, are required to fill in the application form listed below. 

National Show Bid Form

*NEW- The CGS now recommends that National Shows have a ring steward to help with the flow of animals and exhibitors and to ensure that all entries are present for their classes. National Shows also need to remain a prestigious event. The CGS recommends shows have ample promotion before the event, signage at the event, a photographer and backdrop to ensure high-quality photos of all Champions and Reserve Champions, a ring announcer, and awards. This has been added to the National Show Bid Form and the CGS will consider these factors when awarding National Shows.

All sections of the application MUST be filled in completely and accurately.

Applications which aren’t submitted with the correct and complete information, may be rejected by the CGS Board of Directors.